Malaria Prevention Kit

The complete safety kit to avoid catching malaria !

Malaria in numbers

Main facts about malaria

247 million cases worldwide

(Confidence Interval  [CI] of 95 % : 196-263 million people).

619,000 deaths

96% of all the passings caused by malaria happened in the Africa region of the WHO


Half of the world’s population is exposed to malaria. 

91 Countries and territories

 cases of indigenous cases of malaria reported in 2016. 

Malaria Info

Malaria Quiz

This sort quiz aims at setting your knowledge and practices about Malaria, in order to allow us to fight the disease all together in a stronger way.

The Malaria Prevention Kit and its components

Using a treated net by night is considered the most efficient shield against mosquitos and various insects.

The oitment « MAÏA » deeply moisturizes the skin thanks to its shea butter.

MAIA protects from mosquitos bites, carriers of malaria, for more than 8 hours.

An interactive dedicated website, which provides all information on how to struggle against malaria, with sharing links towards social medias.

A personalized tag containing you message and logo.

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